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Heirlooms of the Modernist Mantelpiece: Chopin’s Athέnaϊse as Pre-imagist Fiction

Kate Chopin alludes to pre-imagist themes in Athenaise.

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Uptown Kennel

Connoisseur of cute judgment: micro-authenticated pedigree’s top-floor teeth in throat. The dizzy mutt retreats, slowing motion: its pivotal grin at the cracking footfall; ears perk for the snared mistake chewed free from boutique ego.

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Blind Corner

bang into the starting line like it’s the ribbon, confused collapsed gasp, rounding the corner, into your ribs, hard leverage, splendid collision sticky knees stand up to destinations before right here

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Released doves, white prism Snug-patterned plume tugging the perch Like goosebumps on each dead animal

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Bibliography for Your Doctor

1. If the Gurney Hits Both Doors, Why Can’t She Wait, 5th ed. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press; 1992. (to revive the dead?) 2. Blame the memory. Each body who has forgotten New York, NY: Springer; 1994: 211-215, how to build cells alone.

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