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Heirlooms of the Modernist Mantelpiece: Chopin’s Athέnaϊse as Pre-imagist Fiction

Kate Chopin alludes to pre-imagist themes in Athenaise.

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Jürgen E. Grandt Never Ran the Voodoo Down

Back in April of ’06, UGA alumnus Jürgen E. Grandt gave a lecture on African American “Literary Jazz and its European connection.” It was an interesting overview of jazz terms and ideas as they apply to literature, and it addressed concepts like abrupt ruptures or syncopated structures in plot, first person narrative “solos,” and the use of debasing language as a means of improvising textural change.

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Cinderella’s Big Score

A love story.

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Marching Through Exits: Keith Douglas and the Fated Estrangement of Self

Beautifully entrenched in ideas of strange separation, the war poetry of Keith Douglas is situated somewhere between a subtractive musing on some odd or unattainable data, and a ghostly philosophical or melancholic removal.

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