Bibliography for Your Doctor

1. If the Gurney Hits Both Doors, Why Can’t She Wait,

5th ed. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press; 1992.

(to revive the dead?)

2. Blame the memory. Each body who has forgotten

New York, NY: Springer; 1994: 211-215, how to build cells alone.

3. [Dormant and Patient;]: Catalog of Teratogenic Agents. 7th ed.

Exudating [when] Press(ed towards her heart); 2003

4. With Wild Promises (crossing vena cavas) Challenges in

Conducting Cross-National Nursing Research. Of changing bandages and

elevating something besides the wound, Topeka, KS: Fitzpatrick JJ; 2005

with red handprints at
both corners of her mouth
and crossed out eyes
in late afternoon’s Lamaze.

6. The Last Creasing Sunset: Of All Those Studied Pages:

90th ed. Becomes her channel

into organic origami, Scranton, PA: 2001: 1204-1231

7. She watches the mirror of its surface

forever folding into faces

alive enough to make

e v e r y o n e

between charts reflect

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