Happy Howlidaiz

Happy Howlidaiz, 2011

No mercy for door-chewers. Tell your friends.

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Bulletproof, Mo’ Bulletproof and Your Network’s Armor-piercing Round for @font-face Syntax

@font-face fail.Way back in September ’09 Paul Irish looked at a great way to handle your @font-face definitions, asserting that the core problem with @font-face is “[IE’s need for] an .eot font, and [that] other browsers must take a .ttf or .otf;” or – with Chrome and IE9 – a .woff, leaving miscellaneous mobile with .svg.

Irish noted that Richard Fink improved on this method, creating a “Mo’ Bulletproof” syntax that uses “url(//:) to prevent IE from 404‘ing on the .ttf/.otf file” as it tries to suck up the whole. damn. stack.

The precursory assumption, with all methods, is that your particular network schema is agreeable – an issue not fully addressed on StackOverflow and company. Any poor souls out there still struggling to display self-hosted fonts with @font-face may be facing similar stoppage, completely unrelated to code, as self-hosting immediately complicates planning.

This just might help.

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Exit Through the Gift Shop: Perception’s Price Tag

Exit Through the Gift ShopSo here’s my loophole pitch and why I think Fairey and Banksy worked together to elevate MBW to kill their collective body of work before critics and buyers did it with absentee artists.

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Heirlooms of the Modernist Mantelpiece: Chopin’s Athέnaϊse as Pre-imagist Fiction

Kate Chopin - AthέnaϊseThe often overlooked short story Athέnaϊse by Kate Chopin utilizes an image-heavy descriptive technique that stresses the cleanness of decision and severity of a woman’s still life. Chopin’s fictional method associates with modernist attitudes through both the execution of her prose and an emerging worldview of a free female; however, chronology is seldom as unhelpful for an attic-cleansing comparison as it is with placing her work against the efforts of early 20th century innovators, as Chopin is not entirely outside, nor adequately inside the scope of the movements that were only beginning to coalesce towards the end of her life. Her unique manner of constructing images solicits a historical contextualization of her style because the ripples from both her work and era are enduring.

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Jürgen E. Grandt Never Ran the Voodoo Down

Jürgen E. Grandt - Kinds of Blue (2005)Closets full of SATA cables wrapped around books like this one often unpack a decent memory.

Back in April of ’06, UGA alumnus Jürgen E. Grandt gave a lecture on African American “Literary Jazz and its European connection.” It was an interesting overview of jazz terms and ideas as they apply to literature, and it addressed concepts like abrupt ruptures or syncopated structures in plot, first person narrative “solos,” and the use of debasing language as a means of improvising textural change.

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