Rob Zanin | Creative Technology - Brand Innovation - Web ContentShort Biography

Idyllic childhood in Western New York. Currently reside in West Atlanta. Studied English and Humanities Computing at the University of Georgia. Believe Blade Runner and Wallace Stevens fit snugly into a single conversation. Still inspired by healthcare’s glacial pace flirtation with great interactive.

Why Technology

I build meaningful digital experiences with computers, cameras, code and words – anything visceral, urgent and artisan. Everything with the unhindered clarity and intellectual silk required to move modern ideas and turn bystanders into participants.

The Fight for Relevance

Idea-based transactions occur perpetually, and audiences cash out with time and attention.┬áThe world builds its creative economy on a currency of knowledge, belief, persuasion and imagination that’s embedded in our dialectic; modified by our education; joyously ignored in fits of high emotion; and presented laser-precise through our work.

Market Share Trumps Contribution

Work with me on an experience that is its own reward: the secret door to hearts and minds, discovered.